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I am a graduate of Liberty University with an M.A.T. in Elementary Education and certifications in Middle/High School math and EC General Curriculum. I also have minors in Math, Psychology, and Christian Counseling. 

Google Educator Level 1


I have worked as a teacher in several areas, including homeschooling my two daughters. I have worked as an afterschool daycare teacher and a substitute teacher. I have also worked for Christian school systems. I have taught 6th grade through high school. 


I didn't begin my college career until I was 41 years old, after my own two daughters were graduated from high school! I attended online classes at Libery University and received my M.A.T. degree with High Distinction in 2012.

I always wanted to become a teacher to positively change students' lives in some small way and to show them how easily math can be understood. I am passionate about math and I enjoy sharing that passion with students! 

I believe that EVERY student can learn and that learning is NOT fixed. If an effort is put forth, learning can and will happen!